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About Us

Caleb Treeze Organic Farm offers two products:  StopsLegCramps - for leg cramps, charlie horses and muscle aches, and StopsAcidReflux - for acid reflux and stress heartburn.

They're both based on old Amish home remedies made of pure organic apple cider vinegar with the 'mother' in it, and precise amounts of organic ginger and garlic.  Both are liquid formulas, but do not require refrigeration. 

The Amish have been using these home remedies for well over a hundred years. In fact, they brought them over from Switzerland in the 1800's, so they're certainly time-tested.  Given that fact, we find it amazing that they've never been sold commercially before now.

We introduced them on the internet in March of 2009 - instant success.  We get over 3,000 unique visitors every single day. More importantly, both Caleb Treeze products are over the online industries standard visitor to sale ratio. If you know anything at all about the internet, that's an extraordinary sales ratio for an Amish home remedy.
We would be more than willing to provide your store or clinic with completely FREE, full-sized samples of both of our products.

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  **All of our retailers are given a free listing that includes address, phone number, and any other information you would wish for us to display on our Find a Retailer section of both of our product websites. Each of these websites receive over 3,000 unique visitors every day, and all of our customers are advised to visit their nearest distributor to save money by avoiding shipping costs.



FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to Consumers and Retailers

Retailers:  If you don't sell out of our product, we buy it back.  Period. 

(The claim "Stops" is modified by the disclaimer:
"Individual results may vary" on our website and product label.)